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Debt Settlement: legal fees and costs

We love what we do for a living, otherwise we would not be doing it. There is a great joy in providing a relief of stress and a bit of hope to those struggling financially. Had we won the birth lottery and were given unlimited millions by our parents, we would absolutely do this work for free. Like many of our clients, however, we work hard to try to make a living and therefore must charge for our time. We usually charge a flat fee for debt settlements, regardless of the amount owed. That fee ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 and depends on several factors. Those factors include, among others: how many accounts you wish for us to settle, how much you have saved up to make settlements, and how long you need before you would actually make the settlement.

Many lawyers, and most non­lawyer debt settlement companies charge a percentage of what’s owed and/or a percentage of what you were saved. So if you owe $80,000 and work with a company charging 20% of the total amount owed, you are looking at $16,000 in fees. At our firm, if that amount owed is covered by 4 or 5 accounts, the most you would pay is $4,0000 - ­10,000. We think it a bit silly, and quite unfair, to benefit disproportionately from someone’s financial struggles. We just want to be paid for our time, which is why we base our fees on the factors above.

Also, unlike most of the places that you will find on television or advertised on the radio, part of what you are paying for is regular and immediate contact. We will always return your calls and emails promptly. We are always available for a face to face meeting. You can look us up, do a background check on us, and all you will uncover is a 15 year stream of happy clients and a flawless record.

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