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7 Ways You Can Improve Your Credit Rating After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy will of course, have a negative impact on your credit score. Though it’s important to realise that the negative impact will be less than letting your debts build up to a critical stage where you are dealing with debt collectors. It’s often best to accept that you are out of your depth and make a fresh start with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


Important Announcement: Schachter Law Firm purchased by Kemsley Law Firm PLLC

The Schachter Law Firm is pleased to announce that we have been purchased by Kemsley Law Firm, PLLC. Attorneys Rod Kemsley and Adam Schachter will be joining forces to enable us to bring even greater levels of experience and value to our clients. We look forward to continuing to grow and flourish in the future and provide a depth of service and support beyond that which is possible as sole practitioners.

Paralegals Proffering Legal Advice Is Wrong

Non-lawyer staff are essential to the practice of law. Our Houston bankruptcy practice could not survive very long without our wonderful assistant, Jessica. She enters a lot of bankruptcy data for us, answers many client questions, does our direct mail and many many more of our offices essential tasks. One thing she does not do, and is not allowed to do, is practice law.


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